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  1. 1- Random light induced interactions between nanoparticles

    Date of Seminar: 20/12/2017

    Speaker: Dr.Jorge Luis Hita

    From: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain

  2. 2- What we Gain with Aberration-Correctors and Monochromators — Probing Bonding, Magnetism, Temperature & Anharmonicity at the Nanoscale

    Date of Seminar: 19/12/2017

    Speaker: Juan Carlos Idrobo

    From: Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

  3. 3- Wavefront shaping techniques to improve the detection of breast cancer

    Date of Seminar: 18/12/2017

    Speaker: Alba Paniagua-Diaz

    From: Physics and Astronomy, University of Exeter, U.K.

  4. 4- Light defies geometry in near-zero-index media

    Date of Seminar: 05/12/2017

    Speaker: Dr.Iñigo Liberal

    From: Universidad Publica de Navarra

  5. 5- Parameter and State Estimation in Open Quantum Systems: New Perspectives

    Date of Seminar: 04/12/2017

    Speaker: PhD studentEliska Greplova

    From: U Aarhus, Denmark

  6. 6- Quantum information with Black Boxes

    Date of Seminar: 27/11/2017

    Speaker: Prof.Antonio Acin

    From: ICFO, Instituto de Ciencias Fotónicas, Castelldefels, Spain

  7. 7- Attosecond Physics at the nanoscale: the next frontier

    Date of Seminar: 24/11/2017

    Speaker: Dr.Marcelo Ciappina

    From: ELI-Beamlines and Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

  8. 8- Shaping Wave Functions with Parallel Magnetic Fields: Carbon Nanotube Quantum Dots

    Date of Seminar: 23/11/2017

    Speaker: Dr.Magdalena Marganska-Lyzniak

    From: Universität Regensburg, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Germany

  9. 9- In vivo application of upconverting force sensors to elucidate neuromuscular pump action in C. elegans

    Date of Seminar: 22/11/2017

    Speaker: PhD studentAlice Lay

    From: Stanford University, California, USA

  10. 10- Art in Science/Science in Art

    Date of Seminar: 21/11/2017

    Speaker: Prof.Krisján Leósson

    From: Innovation Center Iceland

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