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History and aims

Programa de Investigadores Visitantes
Visiting Researchers Project

With the aim of attracting the best scientists from around the world in the field of the basic science of materials, and of establishing a platform for interaction between researchers of recognised prestige from other countries and local researchers.

Programa de Congresos Internacionales
International Conference Program

With the aim of creating platforms for debate and discussion, where experts in different fields, but with common interests in a hot topic, can contribute to solving specific scientific problems.

Programa de Divulgación de la Ciencia
Program for Popularising Science

With the aim of bringing society in general closer to the world of current science and technology.

Programa Fellows Guipúzcoa
Guipúzcoa Fellows Program

Thanks to the specific financing of the Diputación Foral de Guipúzcoa, we have been able to set up a program for recovering scientists called Fellows-Gipuzkoa during this first stage; it allows young researchers who are working abroad and want to return and carry out their scientific work in the Basque Country to have a “landing platform” at the DIPC, by way of a contract lasting for a maximum of five years.

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